current projects

Main projets initiated or directed by Stefan Shankland

TRANS305 (2007-2017)
TRANS305 is the prototype for the HQAC protocol set up in the context of a large urban regeneration program. Shankland is the artistic director of TRANS305 since 2007. A project supported by the city of Ivry-sur-Seine and the developer Grand Paris Aménagement.

HQAC Aubervilliers (2012-2015)

le monde change l’art
Tuvalu (pdf)

An aesthetic approach to urban transformation (urban metabolism) taking place in the city of Aubervilliers in the north of Paris. An experimental art program conducted by Stefan Shankland.

Marbre d’ici (2008- )
Marbre d’ici is an ongoing art work and protocol for the recycling of demolition waste material. Rubble are transformed into a new raw material to be used locally in future architectural and design projects.

Musée du Monde en Mutation (2012- )
The book “Museum for a Changing World”(Musée du Monde en Mutation – Pour une approche esthétique du métabolisme urbain) is an account of a 3 year art residency Shankland conducted in association with Europe’s largest domestic waste management plant. It is also the fist act of a long term artistic and cultural research project (HQAC protocol) developed in relation with the transformation of the plant located at the border of Paris’s 13th arrondissement.